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gameloft games work?
to me the following work:

asphalt 5
assassins creed
hunter dungeon
hero of sparta
lets golf
modern combat 2
fishing kings
real football 2010
gt racing academy

do not work:
lets golf 2
ganstar miami vindication
brothers in arms 2
splinter cell
shrek kart
real football 2011

I've also noticed that after the last firmware update some games that used to go right now is slow, as nova and gangstar ...
others such as worms, need for speed shift,reckless racing or quake 3 work great
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and i finally made dead space v 1.1.35 run on our tablet,but having screen rotation problem,its not in landscape mode

anyone knows how to fix the orientation issue?
Is it good? does it better than fifa12? Have u try anomaly warzone? could u try it please, i need to know if it is work on our c8, I'm still using fonix FW and got black screen after intro movie.
acceptable game play with stupid dumb stamina system just like Lets Golf 3 which allow u to play only 2 matches per day
i personally think PES 2011 is still the best football game so far..
gonna try anomaly warzone later,will update u soon
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@ kukalikuk

ok,i tried anomaly warzone v1.08,v1.09 and v1.11(newest) and couldnt make it work,it just keep looping at the intro movie
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EVO 4.0....
yup,tried both way,finished or skip, it just kept playing non-stop back 2 back

i read some comments from forums and many of them had the same problem
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Please try anomaly warzone, it's ported from one of the best game from pc.

edit: what FW did u use? I got black screen but the audio still playing after intro movie and it doesn't loop. Did it still looping if you play the movie till it finish? or you just skip it by click it?
Good news bro...Anomaly Warzone v1.12(version with 153mb apk,no need sd data) finally works on our tablet...
it just skip the intro video and go direct to game menu...

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Latest gaming report:
*EA Dead Space latest market version finally solved the orientation problem,worked flawlessly with no lag(I finished it

*EA NBA Jam works like a charm on dropad (dont ask me where to get it

*3D space shooting game Dangerous works

*Zenonia 4 works

*Legendary Heroes works

*Frontier Gunners(Japan) works

tested by me with Ginger Ice v1.1(very superior FW for gaming,really really thanks to jolocotroco for bringing this wonderful FW)
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yup,but you can adjust the brightness in game menu

all games i mentioned were great

NBA jam good sports game with big head real NBA player
Dangerous is like Galaxy On Fire 2 but more complicated
Zenonia 4 for hardcore RPG fans
Legendary Heroes is RTS,mixed warcraft and diablo gameplay
Frontier Gunners still in Alpha stage but the awesome online FPS gameplay and graphics attracts me
Great News again..
EA game Need For Speed:Hot Pursuit latest market version works flawlessly
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its me again...

Gameloft Freemium game Six-guns works but have many problems..
1.screen go upside down
2.FC too often

tested myself with ginger ice v1.1
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@Rajesh G
yeah,for Six Guns I figured it out myself,running smooth after changed the sensor mode and i made it smoother by using chainfire with powerVR plugin

and as usual,heres my recently tested high end 3D games:

1/4/2012 Games Report
1.Gameloft just released freemium game Dungeon Hunter 3 works flawlessly without any lag
2.EA latest version of Battlefield 2:Bad Company for all devices works perfectly
3.Latest beta version of Soulcraft works(need to edit build.prop to get this)
4.EA latest version of Tiger Woods PGA Tour works
5.Battleloot Adventures works
6.Gameloft Gangstar RIO City Of Saints works
7.G-gee SNK The King Of Fighters works

i m still using Ginger Ice v1.2
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I got Spiderman, Gangstar, and Dungeon Hunter working

@Rajesh G and @davidching111

But still having problems with Six guns.. tried Nvida plugin.. it went like 1 step further in the game but still crashed with white screen. I tried toggling the gravity sensor and my game turned upside down haha.. Rajesh, the sensor setting fixed ur upside problem right,not the crashing? that was the plugin? I'm gonna try powerVR next..

EDIT- I didn't have the Nvidia plugin activated, just installed.. oops!
It started working but I still got the same crash, just slightly later in the game.
But I tried with powerVR and it worked! thanks for your help guys..
no big deals dude,just use the powerVR plugin for others gameloft games too for smoother gaming..
nova 3 not working with tsunami 1.9 (tried all chainfire settings)
game closes after loading mission everytime
works like a charm with Namko Thunderstorm ICS Alpha 4.0.4 ,runs a bit laggy though...

other recently released games that worked flawlessly:
1.Mass Effect by EA games
2.Men In Black 3 The Game by Gameloft
3.Demolition Inc HD
4.Mini Moto Racing
5.N.O.V.A.3 by Gameloft
6.Dungeon Crawler

running with Namko Thunderstorm ICS Alpha 4.0.4
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