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all gameloft games works for me...
N.O.V.A. 1/2
Modern Combat 1/2
Star Battalion(with chainfire)
Avatar(with chainfire)
Rainbow 6
Splinter cell Conviction
Asphalt 5/6
GT racing
Lets Golf
Oregon Trail
Eternal Legacy
Sacred of Odyssey
Dungeon Hunter 1/2
Assassin Creed

Few games cannot play
Shadow Guardian

and new EA games dont work
NFS Hot Persuit (tilt problem)

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@davidching111: and what information did that bring us? Did you change the fingerprint to get the games working or did something else, cause clearly as i posted earlier, the new games would not even start saying our device is not supported
no i dont...
first of all,i run those games with prox32 FW(evo) and oso phoenixmod(my previous fw)
for gameloft games,dont use those market apk bcoz u might need to change the build.prop to make it work
always use samsung i9k apk

and 1 more thing, i oso edited the apk so that the sd cache will automatically download to extsd;)

well u can PM me to know more:)

here are pics

Output device Gadget Flat panel display Display device Multimedia

Gadget Communication Device Flat panel display Entertainment Font

Output device Gadget Flat panel display Communication Device Display device

Screenshot Font Display device Gadget Electronic device


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hello i am really curious how can you edit the game apk so that it can download to extsd instead of sd cache as my device only has internal 8gb and i dont want to use it all to download the games i want to be able to download the whole games to my extsd is this possible?? also what is your best method to get most of the gameloft games to work thanks.
possible...u need to edit the apk and resign it..
u need 2 software,
1.apk tools
2.ultra edit

maybe u can PM me to know more coz its kinda complicated

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cool what build prop did you use... because i cna find the games and download the additional data, but when i start the game it crashes back to home screen...
All in all I came further than before with the editing of the build prop but still no succes in playing games

any magic that needs to be done before I can enjoy a few hours of gaming on my tablet?
I want to play Dungeon hunter 2... anyone else had succes with playing this game on our tablet?
dungeon hunter 1 works fine... so why not part 2 also... right?
samsung GT-I9000 build prop
try kill some unused application with task manager b4 u enter the game...
it does crash sometimes when u finished a level or stuck at loading screen,just keep trying and u be able to play:)

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I think you use a wrong fingerprint when downloading the game data or the .apk. Use galaxy tab fingerprint or galaxy S (galaxy S preferred, not the SII) since both use powervr gpu (mali for SII). I have splintercell, gt racing, hawx, asphalt5 and dungeon hunter 1st running just fine. Tried 1st nova with wrong fingerprint and got so much glitches.

Does anyone tried EA's Dead Space? mine is always failed to play it.
no luck on EA recently released games...
dead space stuck at EA logo screen forever.....

NFS hot pursuit run smoothly,but have accelerometer problem,cant control the direction

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I tired Shadowgun (ver 1.02) and after the intro movie, it said loading and then flashed back to home screen. No FC, no error message. I configured chainfire to disable texture detail and one other option and made sure I picked nvidia plugin. It still does not work. Any tips on how you get it to work? Thanks.
i used older version of chainfire,new version dont work so i used v2.8,select nvidia plugin and tick those 2 reduces option and it will work:)

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I use the newest chainfire in its still work, no need to reduce the quality, just reduce the size. back to home screen problem mostly because of the memory, that's why i love to use fonixmod with golauncher to close all app and display remaining free ram, try shadowgun with atleast 200MB free ram.

I just try NFS hot pursuit few hrs ago and as davidching said it has steering problem (stuck to right). is there any ways to fix this? And does anyone tried fast5? is it good? I'm still looking for a good racing game besides gt racing.

Based on my opinion below is my recomended games for our tablet:
1. Sentinel 3 Homeworld (tower defense, nice looking, most addictive and no need much hand moves, could be played while resting
2. PES 2012 (best football game since no other football games, RF2011's gameplay still not mature enough)
3. Flickgolf (nice looking and less hand moves)
4. Shadowguns (play it when needed serious game)
5. Tekken3 and souledge with fpse
(it's still fun to release the stress by punch, kick and slash)
6. cut the rope (train the brain)
7. Samurai 2 Vengeance (just good looking)
8,9,10....(reckless racing and getaways, backbreaker2, GT racing, air attack, destroy gunners)
only 1 gameloft game on my recomended list

So-so games:
1. angrybirds (u know)
2. Dungeon hunter (slow paced)
3. Hawx
4. Real Steel (just for quick play)
5. Asphalt 5 (mediocre gameplay)
6. NFS Shift
7. Heavy gunner (for testing multitouch and gyrosensor)
8. Scream 4 (it's fun sometimes, has e nice graphic also)
9. Xtreme formula

Not recomended (both gameloft game):
1. RF2011 (just bad)
2. Splinter cell conviction (terrible AI)

Still playing n haven't been rated:
1. Roboto (platformer)
2. Great little war game (turn based strategy)
3. Trial 2 Xtreme
4. Special Enquery (hidden object)
5. Star wars tower defense
6. Jelly defense

Still hunting to try:
1. Nova 1&2
2. 9mm
3. fast5
4. eternal legacy
(just need a good gameloft game with good gameplay, good story and good graphic)
5. Dead Space with no hang
6. NFS hot pursuit with correct control
7. Dungeon defenders
8. NFL Rivals
9. Madden NFL
10.Any fast paced fighting game.
wow..u r just like me...but i play and try more games than u

==PES12 looked exactly the same as PES11,same graphic,same gameplay,so its kinda boring to me already coz i played PES11 too much

==NOVA 2 and 9mm are nice FPS games with awesome graphics and interest gameplay(finished long time ago)
==fast 5.....all gameloft racing games had same gameplay,but in fast 5 while racing there is a extra stoptime button where can slow down the time to avoid obstacles
==eternal legacy,if u like final fantasy series,u will probably like it..
==no luck on EA games,i tried like almost thousand times with different apk and sd cache but still the same result
==dungeon defenders 1 and 2 are good,but really really lacks like hell in multiplayer mode,u swing ur sword and the screen stuck like 15 seconds,after that u will see all nearby enemy lying on the floor
(lack also in single mode but playable)
==i dont really like sports games and tower defenses,so i will always just download,try, and delete

waiting for the releasing of gameloft modern combat 3,dungeon hunter 3 and gangstar
for now, i just play my ARPG tales of destiny with FPSE and Banjo-Kazooie N64(u all should try it,nice platform game)

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I knew u tried more games than me, it's difficult here to get gameloft games with 32KB/s connection and unresumable download.

Basically gameloft games are a rip-off version off popular games. And since i like halo, maxpayne, and FF so I really should try nova, 9mm and eternal legacy (when i get that

halo > nova
asassin creed > backstab
maxpayne > 9mm
Final Fantasy > Eternal legacy
Gran Turismo > GT racing
NFS > Asphalt
Age of Empire > The settlers
COD > Modern combat
uncharted > shadow guardian
Starcraft > Starfront
GTA > Gangstar
u r so damn right...gameloft=copycat

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hey mate an you give me the samsung i9000 fingerprint detailes really want to play tintin tried almost all versions out there i think
follow these...


ro.product.manufacturer=Samsung 2.3.3 GINGERBREAD DXJPI release-keys

and of course,use the newest tintin apk,which is V1.05

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David, have u try the SGS fix version for Dead Space? Is there any ways to put the FIFA2012 or 9mm data to extsd? I haven't try both coz my sdcard is full, even after deleting other gameloft games it only has 1GB remains (C8 4GB sigh...)
yup.tried every single one of them but none seems to worked...just stuck at ea logo and need hard reset..
yes gameloft games can be modify to download the sd data to extsd but only those version from wapstore or official version is different and cannot be edit.
fifa12 is Ea games, so im not so sure about it.but for now the best solution is to upgrade the internal sd,coz to modify the apk is kinda complicated.
since i changed my internal sd to sandisk 16gb,my tab now has 1gb memory and 13gb sd space,i had install about 40 games including 5 GL games and still left 500mb memory and 5gb sd.
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