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gameloft games

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gameloft games work?
to me the following work:

asphalt 5
assassins creed
hunter dungeon
hero of sparta
lets golf
modern combat 2
fishing kings
real football 2010
gt racing academy

do not work:
lets golf 2
ganstar miami vindication
brothers in arms 2
splinter cell
shrek kart
real football 2011

I've also noticed that after the last firmware update some games that used to go right now is slow, as nova and gangstar ...
others such as worms, need for speed shift,reckless racing or quake 3 work great
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I know this is an old thread, but does anyone have a working version of NOVA? Everytime I've downloaded one it's either gone to a white screen after download, hasn't been full screen or just hasn't worked whatsoever.


just to say with my Haipad M7 running C8lean v0.61 the following games run very well:

N.O.V.A 2 (i could never get NOVA 1 to work)
Guerilla Bob
Modern Warfare 2: Black Pegasus

This tablet is graphically powerful for any doubters out there.

Where did you get your copy of NOVA 2 from? Every copy I have installed force closes after the opening video sequence.
Hi Jason
can you describe your setup (exact model tablet (assume either a Herotab C8, Dropad A8 or Haipad M7), and the firmware you are running?

You can see my M7 spec details below in my signature. Additional info: I am running in 200dpi mode with Compatibility mode disabled and a VM heapsize of 32mb.

I am also running the Samsung friendly version of Nova 2 HD (1.0.3). There are basically Sony Ericsson, and HTC friendly versions. We need Samsung.

Which version are you running?


I'm on the Herotab C8, running Cyanogen Mod 7. Other games, such as Modern Combat 2 HD work fine, it's just NOVA 2 that is being a gimp.
1 - 3 of 138 Posts
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