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gameloft games

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gameloft games work?
to me the following work:

asphalt 5
assassins creed
hunter dungeon
hero of sparta
lets golf
modern combat 2
fishing kings
real football 2010
gt racing academy

do not work:
lets golf 2
ganstar miami vindication
brothers in arms 2
splinter cell
shrek kart
real football 2011

I've also noticed that after the last firmware update some games that used to go right now is slow, as nova and gangstar ...
others such as worms, need for speed shift,reckless racing or quake 3 work great
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hey peeps,

I am running the Evolution R6 and I have purchased Dungeon hunter 2, and it installes ok, then it askes for addition download..i say it's ok and then it crashes... (or at least it swithces to my home screen)
any ideas?

thnks in advanced!
updated 29/9/2011
new gameloft game 9mm just released on market yesterday works like a charm on our M7/C8 tablet
u need to edit the build.prop to download the remaining WIFI sd data

nice game,just a little laggy on certain scenes..
tested myself,using evo 2.0

View attachment 2582

View attachment 2583
cool what build prop did you use... because i cna find the games and download the additional data, but when i start the game it crashes back to home screen...
All in all I came further than before with the editing of the build prop but still no succes in playing games

any magic that needs to be done before I can enjoy a few hours of gaming on my tablet?
I want to play Dungeon hunter 2... anyone else had succes with playing this game on our tablet?
dungeon hunter 1 works fine... so why not part 2 also... right?
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samsung GT-I9000 build prop
try kill some unused application with task manager b4 u enter the game...
it does crash sometimes when u finished a level or stuck at loading screen,just keep trying and u be able to play:)
no go
still keeps crashing!
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pfff does anyone know why these games keep crashing...
do you need to do something special?

I just bought two new games form gameloft and both don't startup..l

I am running Genesis rom from Prox, all works except the gameloft games...

any help would be appreciated !!!!
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I think you use a wrong fingerprint when downloading the game data or the .apk. Use galaxy tab fingerprint or galaxy S (galaxy S preferred, not the SII) since both use powervr gpu (mali for SII). I have splintercell, gt racing, hawx, asphalt5 and dungeon hunter 1st running just fine. Tried 1st nova with wrong fingerprint and got so much glitches.

Does anyone tried EA's Dead Space? mine is always failed to play it.
I have the samsung galaxy tab fingerprint.... thats why I could donwload the files.
I tried Dungeon hunter 2 (yes I bouht it again)
and starfront collision... both no go with current fingerpint..

I think I am giving up on spending money for these games...
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1 - 5 of 138 Posts
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