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gameloft games

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gameloft games work?
to me the following work:

asphalt 5
assassins creed
hunter dungeon
hero of sparta
lets golf
modern combat 2
fishing kings
real football 2010
gt racing academy

do not work:
lets golf 2
ganstar miami vindication
brothers in arms 2
splinter cell
shrek kart
real football 2011

I've also noticed that after the last firmware update some games that used to go right now is slow, as nova and gangstar ...
others such as worms, need for speed shift,reckless racing or quake 3 work great
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Once i get my tablet in, i can start by kanging together a proper set of drivers for OpenGL.
I can already see the prebuilt driver thats in the firmware, looks different from the Galaxy Tab. Maybe an older, or debug version, i do not know exactly..

If any volunteers are out there, it would be possible to integrate the old drivers into the new firmware, and test that. Reply in this topic if you want to test it out..
Anyway I just reinstalled the original firmware that Tasselhoff had availabke and now the tablet is working back to how it should be

It would be great to have a functioning update that just worked. I think it is time we had the XDA boys and girls help in this matter as I can not see why some device driver reconfigs from a galaxy tablet could work well.
Which version did you have to 'downgrade' to to have proper games/market working again?
One click lag is for a totally different phone/cpu combination and not for this tablet.
Can you tell which version number your Asphalt 5 HD is? I tried several, they download OK, but then immediately exit upon starting.

(All the gameloft games have different version for different cpu/hardware.. so that's maybe why some of the games in the list are not working as well.)
1 - 3 of 138 Posts
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