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Game suggestions to wean my kids from apple addiction

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Suggestions as to games that work well on zt-180 appreciated. Also, do any games with g-sensor work well. I have a new ROM 8/18, which claims to have improved g-sensor so I am curious.
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For now, even with the 8-18 ROM, no g-sensor games are working. It's a shame, because games like PapiJump and Labyrinth are amazingly fun) in my opinion anyway). I'm starting to wonder if the g-sensor issues will ever be fixed. Is anyone over at XDA or anywhere working on it?
Well if anyone has suggestions for non g-sensor games that work on the zt-180 they would be appreciated too. The New York Times web site looks glorious on zt. But does not work with my kids, unfortunately. Thanks for the update, Zap.
Sports games and doodle jump AFAIK. Thx icurafu.
My son is playing a lot with Robo Defense and Farm Frenzy on his zt-180.Sent from my X10i using Tapatalk
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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