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Hi all, Okay I'm very new here, but have 10 yrs. Windows/and PC repair experience.
Bought this for the grand-daughter, now she's mad. It won't 'make turns' and be easy for her to play TempleRun/Brave(version).
Seems the G-sensor only does the portrait / landscape turn, but nothing more 'detailed'.
HELP ???

Pandigital R70F452 Tablet PC - 4 GB Flash Memory - 512 MB RAM - 800 MHz Processor Speed - USB Interface - Slate Form Factor - 4:3 Aspect Ratio - 7.0-inch LCD Display - Android 2.3 Operating System - Black

Added an 8GB SD card as well. Fully charged, and she's very very skilled at the 'game' so she knows she's complaining about THIS tablet. She can play into the millions of points on my husbands iPod phone and her dad's iPad tablet just fine.

I saw one 'trick' from another area of the forums, { }
but a litte vague that this is precisely what I need to adjust by downloading and adding via es file explorer.

Please advise so i don't jump on something that will kill her tablet.
Thank you.
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