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[quote name='y0chang;28709]After I got the market hack to work on my PDN' date=' I tried to search for Pandora, Beautiful Widgets and couple other apps but couldnt find them in the market. I realized my market didnt have all the apps available. I found out google has a built in filtering system that prevented me from seeing certain apps. I found out that when I set my virtual phone sdk to get a google id, I set up the SDK with a very basic no frills phone. I had to create a new google account, then remake the phone in SDK with SD card support, camera, dpad etc in the options which isnt the default 1.6 profile. If you dont do that your PDN market will be gimped. You only get one id per google account so you need to make a new google account. Fortunately for me I wanted to create a new account, but if you already used your primary account. Be sure to create a phone that mimics say a popular phone like the nexus one or Droid. Not sure how this is gonna affect things in the future with the google id bit.[/QUOTE'] Because of this google market issue of not showing all apps, I use "AppBrain Market". This shows all the apps, interface is same as google market and works fine after doing google market hack.
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