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For Beginners of Android M001-M003

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After you open the box of that shiny new M003Part 1: You need: Micro SDcard with adapter 1GB preferablyCharge it up!Download any M001 or M003 ROM that is a zip fileUnzip the filePlug in your MicroSDAdapter into the USb hullThere will be a folder called Script (after you unzip the downloaded rom)Pull Script to the MicroSD CardPart 2: Insert the MicroSD in the slot then hit the power button (sit back relax).Remove the SD card when it tells you onscreen. DoneNote:Youtube did not work when you took it out the box.Part 3: Download on your computer the Youtube. apk on this site.(Delete the Rom script you previously put on your microSD)Pull the Youtube APk onto your MicroSD. This time insert your miscro sd again.Open the APK manage or (PK) to extract and install. DoneYou have a fully working M003. Enjoy!!!!
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i3G, u installed the low res Youtube? Or the one came with 1.7.4?
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