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Flicky Chicky is an endless tap jumping and running game in which super Chicken, Flicky, lives happily with her chicks (Chickies). In a crazy fun platform jump arcader, one day, they all come under a deadly attack of a squirrel (Squirry) and all her chicks gets scattered. The squirrel does not allow Flicky to gather the Chikies and constantly bullies them.

Help Flicky to gather all Chickies throughout the game and safely put them in their home. Hop, run, jump in the right moments !!!

Flicky Chicky Highlights.

-> 10 Lives for rescuing the chicks from hunter squirrel.
-> Every NEW level is more challenging. Check it out! You won't be able to resist yourself from playing this hop game !!!
-> Tap jumper
-> Classic arcade free chicken jumping and running platformer
-> POWER Shots available now. Now make Flicky more powerful by using these power shots.

How It Works ?????
To see how this amazing game works, please visit the following video.


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