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In this era of the entertaining world full of fun, there is a lot of stuff & content available for users on the mobile phone platform. So choosing a best of them keeps your taste smart in every way. Gaming on the mobile phone is now becoming a fast trend with the increasing numbers of users at every moment of time.

Currently, there are many categories in the gaming industry with the preference of people in their respective choices, but most of the people have green signals towards endless, running & jumping category of games, which keeps them addictive & jolly. Amongst the several numbers of these games, I found a game full of fun, entertainment, & addiction called "Flicky Chicky"

"Flicky Chicky" is basically an endless tap, jumping and running game in which super Chicken, Flicky lives happily with her family of chicks (Chickies). One day, they all come under a deadly attack of a squirrel (Squirry) and all her chicks get scattered. The squirrel does not allow Flicky to gather the Chickies and constantly bullies them.


So, the game play here relies upon helping flicky to save & protect chickies from the squirrel. Would you want to protect little chicks from the hunter squirrel? Would you like to confuse the squirrel (Squirry) while rescuing little chicks? Would you want to hide all chicks in a safe place from the hunter?
Hurry up, run run run and tap to rescue chicks (Chickies) before the tiny wings are trapped by squirrel (Squirry). The incredibly simple and easy way to protect the chicks (Chickies) is to make chicken (Flicky) run fast like a crazy chicken and to protect the life of the little ones.
Facial expression Cartoon Vertebrate White Nature

Flicky Chicky Highlights:

-> 10 Lives for rescuing the chicks from hunter squirrel.
-> Every NEW level is more challenging. Check it out! You won't be able to resist yourself from playing this hop game!
-> Tap jumper
-> Classic arcade free chicken jumping and running platformer
-> POWER Shots available now. Now make Flicky more powerful by using these power shots.
-> We challenge you to find a better & more exciting 2d platform game than Flicky Chicky
-> Flick, hop, run with the chicken and have enormously entertaining times.

Video game play of Flicky Chicky

Stay Happy :)


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