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From their site:
After much deliberation and evaluation, we have decided that Flat Computing will not be able to meet our goals of offering continued quality of service and customer support on this particular Zenithink ZT-180 10.2? Android Tablet. While this decision is incredibly difficult for many reasons, our values and commitment for quality products that can be continually enhanced to offer superior performance are more important to us. We simply can?t build our company on a future where we would be at the mercy of Zenithink and their ROM/Firmware updates.The employees of Flat Computing are committed to providing custom ROM and firmware updates and improvements on our tablets. Unfortunately, after much research and attempted negotiation with the Zenithink group, we have found this to be impossible.
In attempt to build a product we could service, we went back to Zenithink and asked for the source code for the firmware and tools that we need to add our ROM with Google?s Android Marketplace, speed enhancements, etc. Zenithink told us that they would not provide any source code or tools in order for Flat Computing to support and maintain and improve this product.
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