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Hi,I am thinking about purchasing one of these Ipad Clones that comes pre-loaded with android off ebay.I have heard a rumour that you can flash these devices with a special version of the jailbroken apple software which allows you to download applications from the jailbreak store cydia.I am wondering if anyone had the software? and had any idea how to go abouts flashing the device?The software may be called something else but it runs exactly like a genuine Apple Ipad that has been jailbroken.The clone device is also flashed in a similar way to the Apple Ipad being jailbroken using spirit (which is the software used to jailbreak the Ipad.)any help would be appreciated.Jasonp.s some people have suggested to keep android but personally I prefer the interface/ applicaion from the jailbroken apple software.

smithj100;21653 said:
why is that?
Because it is.The iOS runs on Apple hardware - there isn't enough information or code available for these devices to even run Android 2.1.It will never happen on the current gen aPad etc. You or your "sources" are probably getting confused by the aPad that have UI apps installed to mimic an iPad sort of layout but it is definitely, definitely, definitely not anything to do with Apple software.
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