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Just found the following solution on another forum.
It seems even if you install google maps via market, the following libraries aren't installed.
It's up to the vendor to install them ....
I have the error for 2 local apps for my country
Found the error via adb logcat


I found this useful info after googling and checking out these links:

[Missing Shared Library prevents Apps install]

Certain apps (such as Flixster "Movies" and "TAMU Mobile") require the Google Maps shared library to be installed for them to install.

If this is not setup correctly, you receive the following error when installing some of your apps:


To set this up correctly, there are 2 key files that need to be copied to the system:

quote from

These files are located in the any of these google app packs:

After unzipping any of these files, you want to copy the files to your system, like-ah-so:

adb remount
adb push system/etc/permissions/ /system/etc/permissions
adb push system/framework/ /system/framework
adb reboot

After you reboot, the apps will now install ... enjoy!

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@f angles:

Special thanks for this. I've copy both files to internal sd an moved this with "root explorer" app in the target directory. Reboot and fine. The app "Runtastic" is now successfully installed.

Now I've a other problem. I've a SGS3 and Cyanogenmod 10.1. I use philz touch Recovery (advanced CWM). So I'm able to use the auto-update function in Cyanogen. Problem, after a update the both files are away and I must copy again in target directory.

Is there any way that this 2 files are fixed in the directories?

Hope you can understand (German).

Thank you!

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***save yourself a headache: copy files to appropriate folders and change permissions to match those files in the folder. save and hard reboot should do the trick.
I added the files above and the apps I wanted installed without the missing shared files error but when I try to open the apps I get error unfortunately "app name" has stopped.

the apps I installed are Bestroute, ESPO, Route4me, these are multi destination navigation apps, route4me opens and I can add a list of destinations and optimizes the route but when I click on maps the app closes with unfortunately route4me has stopped.

I have a Newman NM890 on android 4.1.2 the firmware was routed by the supplier as it was a china import.

everything else related to google seems to work fine, google maps, navigation, play store etc.

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