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First time buyer! Need basic guidence!

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Hey guys! So the past couple of days I've been looking around on the internet (Ebay, dealextreme ect.) for a Android tablet that fits me, but there are SO MANY out there...From what I've understood it's good if the CPU is a RockChip? Is that right?Basiclly I want a quick tablet, as in not to slow or laggy when using a web browser or watching a movie.It should have a crisp and clear picture, especially since I plan to watch alot of HD-movies on it.So, I guess what I'm looking for is a powerful tablet that can handle HD Movies, play simple video games ect.I have about $150 to spend, I guess I could stretch myself to $200 if I must.So, which tablet would you recommend? And where should I buy it?
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Nobody has answered, which makes me sad :(Anyways, I was thinking of buying a APAD Rockchip RK2808 7" Android MID from, is that a good chooise?APAD Rockchip RK2808 7 Android MID 2GB - WiFi [apad_RK2808_2GB] - $149.50 : MP4 Nation!, :: Low Priced MP4, MP3 Players and the latest scoop on the newest MP4 Player
Hi dannyboysorry that there was no answer, at least for me the forum sometimes 'forgets' that there are posts i did not read.Maybe it is also that your question is very basic and should be answered by itself if you read a bit.So, let me get at your questions.1st: about HD movies.most 7" tablets that are out there use 800x480ish resolutions that is not realy HD ;)Maybe you find better resolutions in the 10" tablets but not much better.2nd: Rockchip is in my opinion the minimum that a pad should have but it struggles with 720p at reasonable bitrates (remember, we have only 480p screen resolution)Telechips is a bit better and might still be in your price range (it plays 1070p video and can do 3D Games)Then we have the ZT-180 10" pads that i hear only good things about (after the great dissilusion that it is NOT a cortex A8 processor and will never suport flash officialy)And lastly lets not forget the real cortex A8 pads that do support android 2.2 and, let me reccomend the Telechips aPad with Android 2.1 wich you can get for example from merymobiles.
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[quote name='Loonix;47638]so' date=' let me reccomend the Telechips aPad with Android 2.1 wich you can get for example from merymobiles.[/QUOTE']Hi Loonix!Sounds awesome :DI take it that this is the one you mean? APAD E7002 Multitouch android 2.1 720MHz 1080p Gsensor Market +Free CaseIt looks amazing
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jepp, that is it.Keep in mind that it lacks hardware volume buttons.Also no HDMI-out which would be great for the 1080p capability (i read somewhere there is a new revision in the making but nothing solid)No 'official' product support so there will probably no update to Android 2.2 or any other official fixes for this device.It seems to lagg in 3D games when you touch the screen But it seems to give a pretty good bang for the buck and i wish i had one ^^
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