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I have been scouring the internet looking for firmware information for the Window N70.
I have also searched in relation to the Window N90 as there is currently more information available.
- I believe the unit is also known as the: Meiying M15

Below is all the information I have found.. mind you... I am still trying to get the firmware downloaded as the manufacturer link doesn't work for me.

Informational Links:
Manufacturer - Yuandao - Firmware Page
- http://www.yuandaocn...nload.aspx?id=2
- Translated:
Manufacturer - Yuandao - Firmware Update Tools Page
- http://www.yuandaocn...load.aspx?id=10
- Translated:

US Based Links:
Firmware Download: ATF - Android Tablet Firmware - WindowN70-2011-01-05-Gingerbread.rar
Firmware Tools Download: View attachment
- Alternate Link: -

Firmware Upgrade Instructions:

Rectangle Font Screenshot Parallel Number

Firmware Notes:
- Translated:

1.) Repair plug in a USB signal icon is displayed
2.) Fix the Ethernet icon
3.) Repair plug OTG English prompts
4.) Repair back and forth dragging the icon to the desktop is not clear
5.) Repair with a mic headsets small voice
6.) repair Bluetooth calling voice
7.) Repair play music some songs have a noise
8.) Repair Ethernet can not connect
9.) Repair HDMI 1080P output the video player menu has been dithering
10.) Repair the camera and the camera screen is flashing
11.) Delete "Settings -> Location and Security -> GPS satellite" option
12.) Delete "navigation.) local search.) Google Latitude" and other GPS-related procedures
13.) custom Launcher3.0forN70
14.) The word "phone" changed to "equipment" on the device to modify the expression
15.) USB label and attributes changed to N70
16.) Increase the screen brightness adjustment range
17.) Increase the maximum brightness of the screen

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This model may also be known as the: Meiying M15

So we may be able to use any firmwares found for that device as well.


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