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Hello Guys!

I think, many people of this subforum haven't heard from this ROM, that's why I opened this thread.
Actually the official thread is here: CLICK
But there are no specific instructions for our device.



* usb bluetooth support
* full market access
* wifi location working
* zipaligned
* superuser
* build.prop tweaks
* more to come

- Backup your files, because you will have to do factory reset.

- Download the Stock Gemei G9 ROM, if not already done
- Flash this ROM with Livesuit (Instructions by Mr. Tasselhof: Livesuit Software Install and Driver Compilation files)
- Turn your tablet on
- Download this zip by Christian Troy, unpack, copy the recovery.img to the following path: /sdcard/recovery.img
- Download pwn3d V1.4 ROM by Christian Troy, copy the downloaded zip to /sdcard/

- Install Terminal Emulator through Google Play (you don't need any Root access!) or use shell through adb
- Enter Terminal Emulator or adb shell
- type in:
cat /sdcard/recovery.img > /dev/block/nandg
- confirm with "Enter". Wait, till the next line appears.
- type in:
sync; sync; sync
- confirm again with "enter".

- shutdown your tablet. Boot it into recovery (Press and hold Vol. down, press Power Button for 3 seconds, release both buttons)
- You should now be in the CWM Recovery mode.
- Navigate to "Wipe data/Factory reset" using the Vol buttons and choose it with the Power button. Confirm with yes.
- Navigate to "Mounts and storage", format /system.
- Navigate to install zip from sdcard, choose install zip from internal sdcard, choose the
- When done, reboot your tablet.
- Enjoy the ROM!

Tested on Gemei G9 with silver cover. I don't take any responsibility for damages!

Known Issues:
The Clock isn't in time, it goes to slow.

Thanks to Christian Troy, Mr. Tasselhof!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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