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Firmware Hosting Site ( calling all fimrware modders and developers)

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I have noticed that most people are hosting their files on Media or Rapid, I would like to ask all SLD members to begin hosting with ATF instead and below are the reasons

1. We only host firmware, Not movies and music, or what could be considered illegal content
2. No countdown to download files
3. If you are a developer we encourage you to use your paypal link ( try it you will see why)
4. We are 100% forum friendly , once your file is uploaded. It will create a hotlink for you to post wherever you like
and we always refer the down-loader back to the original forum for support.

SO if you have some firmware sitting around taking up space why not give us a try
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I am really very impressed from this forum so thanks

i have aZ282 C91.Needing firmware. Cheers
a website to host roms is the best idea ive heard in a long while as many threads just lead to some virus infected websites that installs a lot of adware and viruses on your pc, instead of giving the file u came for.
i came to this site to get a file and i'm still jumping through loops...
When do you know that you are approved for this site to post!
You have to check from time to time.

By the way, I deleted some of your in-appropriate posts already. Don't post bulls**t!
41 - 53 of 53 Posts
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