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BIG THANKS to BlueEyes for being able to download and provide the original files.

Hello MrTasselhof, about the usb drivers. the ones you provided didnt work. neither did the ones in the firmware. but i found these:
(scroll down to "GoldBond drivers have worked from some...")

might be my 64bit Windows 7 being the reason that yours didnt work. you might want to add this download link so ppl know what to do when
they run into the same problem i did :)

I have downloaded the above files and slightly reworked them.
I also reuploaded them to (ATF) which is a SlateDroid sister site created by MP4! - THANKS!
- this site allows firmwares to be posted and shared without expiring download links!

The file below contains the official stock Gingerbread firmware for the Gemei G9.
It also contains the LiveSuite software and USB Drivers.

The file is dated/posted on 2012-02-28, the actual firmware build date appears to be 2012-02-22.
Download Link: - 2012-28-02-GemeiG9-GB-2.3.4-Firmware.rar

Alternate Download Link: - 2012-28-02-GemeiG9-2.3.4-Firmware.rar

It has also been suggested that using a download assistant type program can prevent corruption/timeout issues with
Here is a basic on as a suggestion/try: - Internet Download Manager

Here are some basic instructions on how to flash it:
1.) Download the File
2.) Extract the folder inside the .RAR file
3.) Connect your tablet with the USB cable and verify that it is discovered and installed on your system.
a.) Right click on My Computer
b.) Left click on Manage
c.) Left click on Device Manager
d.) Verify that the device is installed or that you don't have an Yellow Exclamation mark devices.
4.) Unplug the USB from the device
5.) Right click on the LiveSuite.exe and run as Administrator
6.) Click the first button in LiveSuite and browse to the firmware .IMG
7.) Hold the Volume + button while plugging in the USB cable
8.) Press the power button 6 to 10 times until the system discovers the device and LiveSuite prompts you
9.) Choose whether you want to format the device or just upgrade the device
10.) Let the magic happen
11.) Tablet should reboot itself when the update is completed

Enjoy your new OS!


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As requested, I have added another mirror/download option.

I have also added a line about getting an Internet Download Manager so that files can be resumed if they are interrupted which should help prevent corruption.


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I tried it on a silver one. But I flashed back to Pwn3d ROM 4.0.3. I don't think it's worth to flash this Rom. Nothing really special has been changed in this ROM, just the iLauncher.
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