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Based on the OFW JB Firmware with following changes:
- Rooted
- Debloated
- CWM (credits: Christian Troy)
- Update Apps
- Vondroid BootAnimation (credits: PyromaniacB)
- GameLoft gamedata Fix?
- Expands system/app size
- 2GB/4GB Internal storage
- Latest youtube app and no buffering fault. (tested 2 HD video of 4min without buffering)
- expand /system/app size. (titanium backup said: 74,6MB Free)
- Google Play music update
- pre-installed screen filter

Vondroid ICS vs JB
- bluetooth has fixed mac adresses
- picture in picture function for default video
- beeping sound on boot (need set brightness to 100% to fix it)
- still support flash in default browser
- Battery lifetime?
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