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Anyone know if there is a firewall that works for onda A10 devices ( vi30 | vi40 or any other ? ) i tried installing droidwall and it just doesn't work.. I read the FAQ of droidwall and its FAQ mentions
no chains/target/match by that name

This error message unfortunately means that your kernel does not support netfilter owner match module, so DroidWall will not work.
The only possible solution is to flash a customized ROM (or kernel) with full netfilter support.
ROM developers, please ensure that the following configuration option is enabled in the kernel (either built-in or as a module):
so question is that has anyone tried a firewall that works ? i am ready for paid app as well ? from my very limited understanding of linux and the error description mentioned above it seems that i will need a new kernel build with netfilter.. has anyone tried above ?

i started to look at this page for A10 kernel compile but fell with dizziness in first 2 mins

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