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Hi All.
I've been a lurker here and owned a ZT-180 originally which lasted a year then died. I now have a ZT-282 C91 Upgrade from Ali Express. I love it despite a problem with the USB.
I use it as a tool for testing wifi setups in my job as well as a mobile PDF reader for checking tech manuals. I use wifi to move files to/from the tablet.
I also use it for normal stuff like everyone else.
Now that I am used to it I want to get a C94 (quad core) as soon as I can justify the expense.
My interest now is learning how to secure the data on the tablet and SD card in the event of it being lost or stolen. It can give anybody access to my email google and facebook accounts which is scary. The same thing can be said for my android phone though.
There seems to be very little discussion about this on the forums. The pattern lock is not too safe in my view and it becomes very annoying as it pops up too often when the tablet needs to be woken up, also it gives no protection to the SD card contents.
If anybody has experience or expertise in this area I would love to talk to them.

Anyway Happy Halloween to all here.
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