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Desperately looking for a fast PDF reader for the Eken Moo3. Have tried replicgo (dog slow), the included PDf reader (dog slow) and apparently adobe's new Reader for android only works for 2.1 or better OS. I did find a copy of the HTC PDF reader for android which wraps a version of Adobe LE 2.5 which is blazing fast on my 624mhz HTC 7510 windows mobile phone. The LE app allows screen tap hot keys to turn pages which no other reader seems to offer. I installed it but it won't run, it just crashes.And since our M003s do not have a real dpad, turning pages on all other pdf readers is very clumsly. I bought this thing to read pdfs so I am crazed trying to find a working app. It seems our 600mhz processor even though it's only running at 350mhz should be abale to turn pages on PDFs quickly with the proper app. Any ideas? Has anyone got the the HTC reader app working on an M003? the link to the HTC reader app and instructions are here if you'd like to try and get it working on an M003:
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