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START WITH THE WIKI Introduction to the Pandigital Novel

Please don't make me start deleting, moving, and combining threads by asking whatever comes to mind. There's been a lot of recent development on this device, and a LOT of your questions will have been asked already here. Take 10 minutes and look around before posting a noob question. We love our noobs, but we love them more when they help unnoobing themselves...This has become an epidemic problem here, so now we're going to have to add teeth: look before you ask. If you really think you're the first person to ask about changing the internal micro sd card, or to have problems flashing the device, that means you didn't look, and I am going to issue you an infraction. I won't enjoy it, but it's for the good of the community.
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I m super new to this, and I'm still confused as how to add new apps. I did the hack successfully but I can't seem to get any other apps on. I did the copy pandahome, changed the name and the f2 to edit. but not sure after that how it works. Do I drag the apk file into it, copy paste sorry Im so confused, I really hope this question isnt to dumb, but I just can't figure it out. Again Im just a PD owner that wants to learn how to make great..... thank you
I installed Nates hack. I thought it had an installer on it, but I will look for the apk installer and put it on the sd card. thank you so much for the quick response....
Is there a kindergarden class for people that have no idea of what they're doing..... After the hack I have been lost. can't figure out how to add more apps...mac or pc. I really need a guide for dummies...... Nates instructions were truly for newbies....
got the market working on my computer lol..... now I have to figure out how to get it to PDN.... lol.... using mac (also have pc) ..... I will figure this out!!!!!!!
The img doesn't work on the mac.... to load the sdk installer pack on windows vista no close so far away.. and the wiki instructions .... amazing.... any suggestions on img for mac..... thanks for all the help and patience.....
So depressed now.... I have tried everything to get apps on..... with no success trying for days..... read damn near every post and still lost.... I have to return my friends pc soon so it will be mac all the way.. I read it was easier on the mac, but the files won't open..... I want to shoot myself..... I wish I could just find someone to do it for me..... The original hack was so i feel like a complete idiot..... still trying.......
I think I broke it. i relized i never did the update... and decided to do it now i have a screen with an android and a rectangle and question mark and the screen is frozen.... help........!!!!!!
I reset it......whew.......Im going to read every post again not going to give up........ I read the NOT ugly market fix. explanation of mac is vague... I did get emulator to work, could not get a img, file will not open on mac.... thanks.......... is there a way to just start over.......
sorry I have no idea of what that means or how to do it..... never done this before.... sorry for so much trouble...(flash the new fw clueless) I'm really new......
I actually did the hack via pc (have button hack).... now Im back on a mac...... I see the PDN in finder but can't get any apps to install.... even tried ugly hack for market... imulator worked on mac desk top, couldn't get img to open.....
I'm using mac book pro (Intel Core Duo).. I see apps on the external sd not showing up on PDN.... are they really installed (no icons) really need office apps to work
I don't understand when you say open my browser....???? I'm truly not a tech person please forgive me.... when I plug in the PDN I see both the Novel and the SD card... can you please give me a step by step to how to do this.... I really want to do this on my macthank you
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