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The purpose of this thread is to start creating a one stop shop for questions that seem to be answered multiple times.
If you have any questions WITH their working solution, please let me know or post it in this thread and I will add it to the first post.
I am attempting to go through my entire history of posts, 900+, to dig out and post further questions/answers.



I am new to Android... where do I get started?
[FAQ] - Android - General Introduction and How To Guide


Should I buy a MID816 or a C8? What are the differences and suggestions?
**Just One Opinion on the Topic**

It is definitely a more difficult decision than I expected it to be.

For Web surfing,
- The MID816 is the way to go... you really don't need multi-touch as with the dolphin browser you can set up gestures to zoom in and out.
For Video
- I would say it is a Toss Up... because everything is in Widescreen these days you won't see a whole lot larger video on the MID816.
For Long Continuous Held Use
- The MID816 wins because it weighs less.... but if it is just going to be sitting on a desk, it doesn't matter so much.
If a child will be using the device
- The Capacitive "glass/plastic" screen of the C8 is much more conducive to little uncontrollable fingers, food, etc...

MID816 Pros
- I find I love the MID816 when viewing PDF's, eBooks, the Web etc...
C8 Pros
- I really prefer the C8 when it comes to games (Multi-Touch) particularly I have been playing Heavy Gunner a lot lately.
- I also really like the Voice feature for searches and text entry

I know that is not a clear answer, but unfortunately it is the best I have..



What are some suggested MUST HAVE or Default programs?

**Just One Opinion on the Topic**

Video: Rockplayer
- To change the default directory: Click the Menu Button - Setting --> Root Folder
Audio: Astro Player Nova
- To change the default directory: Click the Menu Button - Options --> General --> Audio folder
File Explorer: ES File Explorer & Root Explorer
- To change the default directory: Click the Menu Button - Settings --> Home Directory
PDF: Adobe Reader
eBook: Aldiko
Web Browser: Dolphin Browser HD
Keyboard: Better Keyboard 7
Launcher: ADW.Launcher

- The Weather Channel
- AudioManager Console

- WiFi Analyzer
- System App
- Apps 2 SD
- Scanner Radio
- Tapatalk

- Heavy Gunner
- Slice It
- Angry Birds
- Gem Miner: Dig Deeper
- Tank Hero
- Tiki Towers

If you have a child:
- Toddler Lock


How do I disable 3G and Phone services to save battery life?
2 ways,


open adb, type pm list packages
the type pm enable packagename

Not sure if I actually disabled anything... but let me know if after you do the second options, it still doesn't work.



open adb shell
cd /system/app

Run these commands to get it back to "stock":
mv Mms.apk.old Mms.apk
mv TelephonyProvider.apk.old TelephonyProvider.apk
mv Phone.apk.old Phone.apk
mv Provision.apk.old Provision.apk

Yse Root Explorer and look for all the apk's tchanged to old and just rename them by taking out the old bit.


My Tablet won't turn on or only shows a blank back-lit screen.
1) Ttry reseating the MicroSD card (it could have gotten jostled or loose)
2) Check all of the connections to the board to make sure they are secure.
3) You may also try re-imaging the SD card.


Skype fails to load and force closes
Option 1:
- Search for Skype Beta as it will allow you to log in and use IM chat
Option 2:
Thanks to Maindude for this:


I/We take no responsibility if you mess up your tablet.

Open: Root Explorer (or similar app file manager with root access)
Browse to: /system
Open/Edit file: build.prop
Find this line: (found towards the end of the file)
Change to:
Save & Exit the file
Reboot your tablet

Skype should now load properly and allow you to log in.
- Audio and Text chat work on the C8 - I have not tried the MID816 yet.
It still DOES NOT send nor receive video.

Now we just have to wait for an officially update/fix from Skype that will hopefully enable Video as well.


I can't connect to my wireless network, the system just saying connecting and fails
You may have MAC Address filtering on and need to either add the device or turn it off.


What are the partitions, sizes, and purpose?
System partition - 159mb
- is the system/OS files
Apps partition - 512mb
- Where programs are installed and stored
- you can use Apps to SD to move some of the programs over and make room.
Cache partition - 159mb
- temporary storage for programs and files that are running
Data partition - 2.86gb
- is the last one and is used for MP3, Movies, etc...
- should generally be the largest partition.

Please note... Modify the partition tables will cause your device to be formatted with each firmware update.
I don't believe that is the case if you only modify the FAT32 partition though.


How, When and Where can I use ADB shell?
You need to open the command prompt (CMD) window first.
Then open/use ADB from there...

So let's say your ADB files are on a folder called Android on your Desktop.
Go to: Start --> Run
Type in: CMD
- Hit: Enter
- You should now have a black "box" open and be at a dos prompt
Type: cd Desktop\Android
- Hit: Enter
Type: adb
- Hit: Enter
- You should now see a list of commands that you can use after entering ADB

The most common one you will use is:
adb install (program name.apk)

You can also type in: adb shell
- this will give you access to a linux style prompt and commands.
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How do I manually install a .APK program file?
1) Install the USB Drivers for your tablet and get the tablet recognized (copy files to your desktop - Make a folder called: Android)
2) Copy the APK files you wish to install in to the "Android" folder contain which contains the ADB files
3) Remove the external SD card from your tablet
4) Open a Command Prompt -- Start --> Run --> CMD (enter/ok)
5) Type in: cd desktop\Android
6) Type in: adb install (file name)
- ex. Angry_Birds_1.4.2.apk
- ex. com.rovio.angrybirdseasons.v1.1.1.apk
7) Hit Enter
- Program will be pushed out/installed to your device


How do I uninstall and remove a Program or App?

Click the Menu Button
Click on Settings
Click on Applications
Click on All
Click on the program you wish to remove
Click on Uninstall
Click on OK


How do I remove a "Default" setting for a program use. IE: ADW.Launcher, Rockplayer, etc...

Go to: Settings --> Applications --> Manage Applications
Find: **Application in Question**
Scroll down below Clear Data and Clear Cache.
- You will see a button to Clear Default --> Click It

In the case of ADW.Launcher
After you clear the default, when you press the Home button you will be prompted to pick a launcher.
You can then set the original "Launcher" as your default.

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How do I add, remove, modify, and customize the home desktop screen?[/media]


Market has stopped, hangs, won't, fails to download programs and updates.
Go to Settings --> Applications --> Manage Applications --> All
- Select Market
- Clear Data
- Select Google Services Framework
- Clear Cache (if it still fails - clear data)
Wait a couple hours and then try the market again.


How do I enable the "Full" Market?


Edit the build.prop file
1) Open Root Explorer
2) Browse to System
3) Click and hold on build.prop (on bottom)
- Scroll down to Edit Text
4) Click on the Text to Allow Modification
- Find this line: (located about half way down)
5) Change it to the following
- or -
6) Save the File

Open Android Market and then Click on Home (launcher)

Go to Settings->Applications->Manage->Running
- Click Market
- Then Clear Cache (NOT CLEAR DATA!!!!)
- Then Force Stop
- Click Google Services Framework
- Click Clear Data
- Click Force Stop

Open Android Market (it will error this is GOOD!)

Shutdown and Restart the tablet
- Wait for Wireless to Kick In
- Wait for System to Finish Loading

Open Android Market
- If it opens without an error GREAT!
- If it opens with the same error... give it a couple minutes or multiple tries at opening (it will go through)

Thanks again Gushie!

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How do I changed the DPI (dots per inch) on my tablet?


Open Root Explorer
- Open System folder
- Press and hold the "build.prop" file until dialog pops up and scroll down to "Edit with Text Editor"
- Scroll down about halfway and change the dpi from 200 to 180 (going to 160 mucks up the notification bar)
- When finished, hit the menu button and select "Save and Exit"
Hold Power button to shutdown and restart or shut down via the dialog
Boot up the tablet, wait for everything to load up
Then hold Menu button until calibration shows up
- Calibrate normally
Reboot again
All set!


How would I go about disabling the phone or services and programs?
I will never put a 3g card in this. I bet disabling those services could give me a couple hours extra battery life.
The easiest way is to have ROOT access.
Open Root Explorer App
Browse to /system/app

I renamed all of the following in a similar fashion... I added Old to the front to keep them together... and .old after apk to rename the file so the system couldn't use it. (ex. Bluetooth.apk = OldBluetooth.apk.old)
Phone.apk (will require an immediate hard shut down and reboot after being renamed)

Hope that helps!


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SAVED for Future Quotes

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My wireless turns off after XX minutes and won't stay on

Set WiFi sleep to NEVER
Browse to: Settings --> Wireless & Networks --> Wi-Fi Settings
Click the Menu Button: Advanced --> Wi-Fi sleep policy --> Never

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I have created a series of FAQ videos to go along with some of the questions.
I have added them where appropriate in the posts above.
The last video of the initial series has been uploaded.
- App Suggestions should be the first video

I figure some people like to read, but others want and need to watch it.

If you know of a question that I am missing, please pass it along.... if you have an answer to go with it, all the better but not required


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Is that support RJ45 adapter,so can ı use Ethernet cable for an internet?
Provided you are using a supported adapter, yes you should be able to use an Ethernet cable with it.

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I need to make the soft keyboard pop out when holding the button "menu" but it doesn't work. Been searching for 5 days and have no clue.

I'm looking for a file in the system to edit that could let you change the layout of the buttons? Is that even possible? or is a hardware issue.
Unfortunately I don't know which file controls the keyboard and it's design.
My best suggestion for you is to download a different keyboard such as: Better Keyboard, SwiftKey, or Swype

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Hello all.I'm a new user.

I have some questions.

1)is there any difference between "Herotab C8" and "Dropad A8" ?

2)what kind memory do these devices support? SD or Micro SD ?

3)what is the best capacity for external memory in these devices?

4)what is the maximum capacity do these devices support? 16GB or 32GB? ( in some sites it was written 16GB and in some 32GB)

I will appreciate you for your quick answers because I want to buy it.

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Hi A6889, Quite a unique name you got there

1) Can't say that we have seen the 'brand' name suggesting anything. Differences that MIGHT be are that some devices have no NAND flash on board. Best to check with your store/seller first.
2) You can put in microSD cards, and you can connect external USB devices (Disk on Key, USB HDD, etc).
3) Not sure what you mean. do you mean RAM? If so, i've only seen 512MB on these devices.
4) I'm pretty sure the microSD slot can get up to 32GB. Can't confirm right now, sadly.

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Thanks ransagy.

1)i want to buy from dealextreme. it is written 4GB nand flash and it is Dropad(not Herotab)

3)I revise my question: what is the best Capacity for external microSD? I mean the best for speed,loading Appss,...

4)In dealextreme it is written up to 16Gb but i think it is writtne by mistake. what is your idea?

Again thanks for your quik answers.

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Hmm, Pretty sure i answered again, Seems like my post has vanished or my browser was lying to me. Either way:

1) So that's fine, It's a NAND+SD model like most of us.
3) I use a 16GB one and hadn't had much issues. I don't think a higher class SD card matter that much.
4) Again, Until someone tries a 32GB card and knows for a fact it works, I'd say it only supports 16. 32GB support, by the way, is only in a newer revision of the MicroSD standard, So not ALL devices might support that. Most of what i know does.

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I didn't received my tablet from DX yet but I'm getting ready to customize it. I'm into backing up everything before doing anything on it.
1) What is to back up ?
2) How to do it (preferably without opening the device) ?
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