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[quote author=imayoda link=topic=738.msg5923#msg5923 date=1275912781][quote author=Mike link=topic=738.msg5918#msg5918 date=1275911831][quote author=elroy944 link=topic=738.msg5892#msg5892 date=1275906798][quote author=imayoda link=topic=738.msg5887#msg5887 date=1275904385]WATCH OUT!!!! That thing formerly is a known connector but it has different mapping on power and data ports, almost for sure.Think about it: on the original board we have installed on, there is the CPU and the ram module (the elpida small chip)Don't try to insert a simple ram module in there, for sure you'll melt down your motherboard and ddr2 module !!![/quote]oke thanks, but i think it's possible to order one with more mb ram right?[/quote]Nope, they're all 128MB. Someone here was going to have a go at soldering a different BGA memory chip on to increase it, but I'm not sure what happened with that.[/quote]Hmmm.. bga soldering... nasty thing..I belive that using a more complex ddr2 chip but with same logical/power pin design compatibility, could work.. uboot auto assigns available ram..the question is: does this processor support more than 128MB adressing????i noticed it work well on the cina laptops with only 64 in some models around ebay, based on same SOC..i'd rather look for the kernel source.. with that in our hands we could do many improvements (128MB can be enough for android).. i say better sleep compatibility, better wireless handling or upgrading the chipset itself with one better supported in kernel (and cooler maybe) ;) or adding compcache for real fast swapping region... led management, button allocations and so on[/quote]datasheet says it can handle up to 512MB. However does not quote which modules are suitable.
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