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Here again a feat by kornyone (que je remercie pour ses efforts

It has to compile Cyanogen CM7 for RK2808 Archos 7H, I returned to FW with his permission for you to move it in Beta.

Of course it is not operational 100%.

For what works best on Rocktab, here are the changes I made:

Changing and modified the boot.img
Added Bootloader 5.0
Added new wlan.ko (wifi)
Added Compcache script
Changing the build.prop
Added new wpa_supplicant.conf
Added TsCalibration
Weight reduction
New Recovery (No data format)
New boot logo
Quick boot
New Music.apk

Removed all unnecessary apk
No work :

USB connection
Video (MP4 work)
Usb mode switch (3G)
certainly other details

For managing icons Home / Back / Menu is with SoftKey.

You must choose at first boot Softkey (No the Launcher)
and wait for authorization root.

Reboot choose by default Sofkey

After it you should set your preferences with SoftKey.

You must activate Compcache (18MB by default) in the menu in Cyanogem parameter

Rocktab Cyanogen CM7 Experimentale ;) :

(To calibrate insist it works)

Thank to kornyone :

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Hi The Warrior Poet,

this is just a FW test to help kornyone for devellopper the CM7.

But I think my experience with CM6 on APAD, there will be no way out for repair, the speed and the video,sensors,ect

It allows us to have an overview of Gingerbread

edit :It is just 2.3 on Rocktad explore, I would not give away what has FW is no future for our MID.
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