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It doesn't look like anyone has brought this up before, so I'm wondering if I am the only one effected by this error. To watch live sports, I downloaded an app called 'Sport Live Stream"... and let me tell you, this app is amazing! When I select to watch the Flash stream, the video loads perfectly, and the stream runs flawlessly for about 1 minute. After 1 minute, the stream ends and an error is displayed "WRONG EMBED CODE". Has anyone experienced this or know a way to fix it? For anyone interested in watching the life sports streams, dl this app and test it out for yourself. It truly is amazing if you can get it to work without the error. Hopefully one of you geniuses here can help me out. This is the reason why I bought the tablet, so I'm really hoping this problem can be fixed. Thanks in advance for all the suggestions. If you need more information, I will provide whatever you need. THANK YOU!!!
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