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ePad or aPad (or something else)?

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What is your suggestion for a newbie, which tablet to buy in sub-200$ category: ePad or aPad (or something else)?Point of view- hardware (processor, etc) quality- quality of used materials (outer hardware parts), assembling- original and LAST firmware-mod quality (os/services/apps/MARKET functionality/usability)- manufacturer/maker support, future developments (if any)- community supportforgot something?(sorry for my non-native English)
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if you are willing to spend $200 just get a used Toshiba 12" tablet with docking as its runs Windows XP so you will have full functions, But if you still wanna get a slate get Apad or there are few new models coming out with HDMI and full 1080P think the core is telechip. VIA is bad as the company is the worst processor maker. have not used telechip but its known to have graphics acceleration so will not be bad and Rochchip well it have a DSP unit with it and most people used it so that works fine up to 720p videos non of the tablets in market for sale have android 2.1 all clam to have it in future then drop support for it .Just keep in mind people these things are less expensive toys for semi-broke grownups lol.
[quote name='tenthos;16962]What is your suggestion for a newbie' date=' which tablet to buy in sub-200$ category: ePad or aPad (or something else)?[/QUOTE']honestly if you can wait a month or two that would probably be best. The cortex A8 1Ghz tablets should be out within the next few weeks in your price range. Waiting that extra month or 2 should allow you to get a much more useable tablet in your price range.
Thanks for the answers, but with my post I try to help people who plan to buy some tablet these days, and reduced the selection for models aPad (~150$+) or ePad (~120$+).So: forgetting the official product description, in REALITY how are these functioning (with last firmware-mod) for common (tablet) tasks: audio/video/ebook viewing, internet browsing (including community sites, main news portals, youtube, twitter, etc), emailing, chatting. What about real battery uptime, android market, international language support, how typical the faulty wifi, missing camera, etc?Pros/cons for aPad/ePad, please. Thanks.
In the last 2 months we have tried almost every thing Windows CE,Linux and what ever we could find with M001 ,epad apad or what every they all wanna call it here is the round upBattery is about 2 hours Max at full load on all of them, Audio is fine, Video epad (VIA ARM9) is 400x240 Max ,Apad (Rock chip) 720p Max, Web browsing is fine but no flash enabled sites, e-mail works fine, chating well its the same if its running java. flash don't work ,Market is problems for some and some say it works fine,Seen about 1-2% defective pad right out of the box.3G sticks not working till now except the 1 or 2 models "People say but all my sticks don't work".If you have 100-130 buy epad/flytouch if have 150+ buy Apad nothing else to say.
Is another option might be viable for you?For the past two weeks I've been mingling with Wits A81, and found out that it's performing quite well. Android version is 2.1the cons for this is the Firmware for Android is beta. Hence, will be seeing some application that can't be installed. Kernel error upon contact sync with Google Contact (and other minor glitches). Small sound and no cameraBut for the most part, and with sub $200 price it's a great one. It has quick response, fast to connect to Wifi, got ARM Cortex A8 600M chip, good battery life and Android 2.1!
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