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If you guys get debian fully functional for Eken then you get an added bonus.The Eken 01 and the Flytouch share 99% same hardware, but different touchscreens.The eken 001 firmware works on my Epad but only with a USB keyboard attached,the touchscreen is non-functional, so i switched to the Epad Slatedroid.Anyway, once this is stable and good on Eken, all you need to do is make the touchpaddriver for Epad and then you have it for both devices perfectly!!!

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hello people, this is my first post.

i am running the debian 0.3v image that was posted on the forums here but i cant get touchscreen to work. I noticed mention of the touchcal file on this thread. i found it on my android OS but i do no know where to move it to on my debian.

if i can get this to work then i will add a suite of suitable apps and stuff and make the debian OS look and function more like Puppy Linux, I was an active developer in that community and now I am turning my attention to pimping out these Apad/ Epad whatever they call them.

I simply dont know much about the touchscreen and other hardware. if someone has a solution then i will be eternally greatfull. i owul dhave started a new thread except i havent done my 3 posts yet this forum doesnt let ppl start threads unless they have 3 posts

have a nice day

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