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Epad Battery

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Has anyone tried to upgrade thier battery? I love my Epad, it works great, runs apps fast, runs the web fast, but the battery life is horrible. I have seen other people have posted changing or upgrading the battery for other devices on here, but has anyone tried on thier flytouch/epad? If anyone has or can help with what type of battery would be better, please post something. If I get enough information I would do this myself and post some pictures.
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Is there any problem in having the epad most of the time plugged in?As I like to have the mail push (K9 is a great piece of software), most of the time the epad is plugged in with wifi on. I've read that when the battery is full, if it's plugged in, only gives electricity to the system.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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