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eLocity A7 firmware 2.0134

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The latest Firmware update, 2.0134 has been released. This one could cause problems for some people with old router firmware. IPv6 has been enabled, and some other WiFi related changes.

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You are all aware that the kernel has finally been released...xda is mighty quiet and I hope it means that the developers are hard at work on some stable new mods.
It is almost a year since the last upgrade, and I have been using it more than my other tablets. For the most part, it has been a good example of Android 2.2. I have taken it to McDonald's on Saturday and Sunday mornings since around late last summer. The biggest software problem I have is that I turn on the A7 while I am waiting in line, and I usually hold it in one hand. If I am touching the screen while it boots, then sometimes there is an error which results in it looping in the "eLocity" screen. The only thing that works is poking a paperclip in the reset in the back of the tablet, but I do not carry a proper paperclip, so the Tablet becomes useless until I get home and can reboot it. The battery at that point has been draining a lot, so after the reboot, the first thing I do is shut it down and wait for it to recharge.

Another issue is that in the browser, the "sensitized" area for some of the links are not where they should be. They are higher. I think this has to do with the Java implementation, but I have not really checked.

That is about all I have noticed. It would be nice if they would make one last update, like Viewsonic just did last week for the gTablet.
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