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Hello,I was looking around the sparseness that is the main EKEN website... on the upper tab that says "R&D",it mentions this as the mission of their R&D department:------------------------------------------ProfileMarketing research and analysisClient surveyR&D schedulingIntegrated design according to market trend or as per client's specificationsSample productionSample confirmationPilot productionPossible modificationQuality authenticationMass production------------------------------------------It seemed to me, that a site like this one would be a dream for an R&D department,imagine all of the direct input of information they would receive from actual users,not only that, but from users who actually know a bit about the product,and who have ideas about how to make it better for a minimal cost,workarounds, etc.Has anyone from amongst the site founders / admins,invited the R&D people from EKEN to take part in the site,or at least asked them if they might be interested in stopping by for a look around?This site could actually benefit, the company would benefit,and most importantly, the consumers would benefit,might be a win + win + win for everyone.=TM=
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