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Eken M003 and me

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FolksI am in my 3rd month since I bought EKEN M003. Everyone who has seen and played with it are happy and enquirinf where to buy it. I am absolutely thrilled with this product for its price/performance metric.I am a non technical dud to whom words like "slate" "root" "brick" etc sound like Greek and Latin. I read about firmware updates/upgrades - have no clue how to upgrade mine and scared if it will affect my wonderful puppy. I will post about all apps I have on my EKEN and how I am using it.I am having trouble reading Google digital books (scanned books) on EKEN using the Document to go software whenre all pages appear with an image of a Box instead of text. Is there an application which will enable me read google books? I mean the downloaded books - not read from internet via thank for all the wisdom on this forum and I got my Youtube (low) version apk through this forum. Thanks guys!
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Welcome,If you d/l a google book as epub Aldiko will work. copy the epub file to /sdcard/ebooks/import. then use the import function of the program.For PDFs I use DroidReader.
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