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i'm not using this as much as i thought i would and the time it takes to convert all the files i want to be portable is just too long for me, so i have decided to part with my eken.The screen protector is a little battered but everything else is in tip top condition as i received it.I'll throw in an extra apple cable for attaching to the computer, and the original adapter (which admittedly is not so good)Original firmware and OSWill include all the extra apps i installed and ebooks. (everything can be removed at request of buyer)Manual was a small couple of page booklet that i have mislaid but can try and find if required.I have it in a protective black leatherette case which i cut up from an ebook readers and can throw that in as well.I accept cheque from UK only and will wait until cleared to post, OR i accept PAYPAL from worldwide and can post almost as soon as payment is received.I paid about ?75 for mine all in and would at least like to get most of that back.BIN - ?70, but I'm pretty flexible, so pm me and make an offer.postage in the uk will be about ?5-9, worldwide maybe a little more.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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