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Eken M001 - Breakdown with images

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I took my Eken apart for the X-th time and thought I make some quick images for you to see what it looks inside. Maybe the one or the other is curious, or needs to know something. If you need higher resolution of certain parts, just ask.I also included images of the locking hooks which, besides the 2 screws hold the thing together. Once you know what it looks like you are more likely to be able to open it without breaking them.Here we go (click for full size):Nothing fancy, just the plastic case with the touchscreen panel in the metal box and the battery on the back.The protective screen is glued on the touchscreen panel, or vice versa, your choice, however there?s a bit of a distance between them, which might cause the broken fingers trying to maneuver the eken without a stylus.The nasty locking hooks, you see thir positions in the prior image. After removing the 2 screws at the connector side, you should be able to gently pry it open at the long side and then with a flat something you can push the counterparts of the hooks on the top of the case (with the display) back into the device and the hook at the back of the case should release - if your not gentle you end up with the right result
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Appears to be quite a good prototype, I wonder what the production model will look like?
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