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Ebook Zoom Feature?

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This reader is really weird, the pdf file loads but there is no way to zoom in on it. It will let me change the font size but the pdf files I am loading have the text as un-editable so it won't rasterize the fonts to make them larger. Converting the pdf to epub to load via aldiko has same issue the fonts are drawn into the page and won't change size regardless of what filters I select in Calibre.I have the PandaHome hack installed with different ebook readers but still not happy I can't simply zoom in/out?PS: I have searched the forums and only found one mention of this and the solution was supposed to be BeamReader, but still looking for a better alternative.
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Never mind I used nchntrman's firmware 7_24 with premodded apps and everything is working great with the office suit included to open up the ebooks =)!!
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