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Has anyone tried using Dropbox with your Maylong tablet? I have, and I think it works great.

Dropbox allows you to have 2GB of free storage in the cloud. You can move files to Dropbox from your desktop, and they magically show up on your tablet. The current Android app from Dropbox works fine on the M-150 and is available as a direct download from their website. No need to connect over a usb cable, mess with popping the SD card in and out, or sending yourself email extensions to get files to and from the Maylong. I find it particularly useful for saving APK's that automatically download and install from Dropbox. I've been using it for a month, and have not discovered any downside.

If anyone is interested in giving this a try, Dropbox is offering a referral program that will benefit both of us. We will both get an extra 250MB of storage if I refer you to Dropbox by email address, and you accept the invitation by installing Dropbox. If you're interested, email me at "spernoga 'at sign'" with the email address you want to use, and you'll be on in no time. I can try to answer any questions about Dropbox here or at the email address.

Give it a try.
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