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XDA has a thread dedicated to this. If you're interested in reading its contents the thread link is here.

There is hope for getting the V8P to dual boot both Windows and Android OSs. Evidently this has worked with other Windows OS tablets so it is doable. I believe the current discussion is using a variant of Android called Android-IA. The first step is to put it on a SD card or USB flash drive and see if the tablet can boot to it by adjusting the tablet's BIOS settings.

From there, the internal storage would need it's partitions to be adjusted properly so that both Windows and Android can be contained on the internal storage drive and then the OS selected using some sort of a recovery console or BIOS adjustment by the user.

I am very interested in this capability as Windows still has a couple of years to have apps and a OS that is fully optimized for tablet use (as Android is presently). It's great to have a fully functional Windows OS within a 8" form factor, but the necessity of using a stylus to get around the OS is not optimal.

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