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Hi,dropbox is a virtual drive with online storage, there are linux, windows and android clients:www.dropbox.comI tried dropbox for Android, but it always says:"Sorry, can't connect to the network. Please try again later."I have WiFi on, running the original 1.7.1 firmware. Anyone else tried, or has a solution?Thanks in advance.We could also trie Zumo Drive, but I did not find an APK!
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I use 3rd party droidbox pro v2.010 and it works perfectly. The "official" dropbox app from dropbox didn't work consistently, I kept getting "cannot parse this package" errors. Plus I noticed when using the "official" dropbox app in the sdk emulator, it didn't allow upload of apk's, only a limited set of filetypes whereas the droidbox app doesn't limit filetypes.
Thanks. I tried, but unfortunately without luck :(It fails to connect to dropbox it seems...Do you use it actually on the M001?
yup. worked w/no problems. it does NOT autosync like the desktop version, when you put something in from the desktop you have to go into droidbox and click on it. but the connection worked fine right from the start. can you get to dropbox and log in through the browser?
It is "kind of" working in the browser. I tried SkyFire so long...It takes forever to load, and the download of a file ends with an error.Dropbox is great for sharing files between PCs for me, but nothing more in the moment.
OK, next question- the file you're trying to dl, what's the filetype? Just in case it's a non-standard file that is... If there's no standard file handler for the filetype, it won't complete the dl. It does that so you don't end up with a file you can't delete. I ran into that with .epub files. If you install Astro file manager and in preferences you can set it to allow all file types. Also installing Download Crutch Lite (it doesn't do anything if you run it btw...) it allows you to dl any filetype. That might solve the failed-dl issue.
Thanks for your help.It was a apk file :DI will try your suggested apps, but I would still prefer a running Dropbox client...
I too use Droidbox. On my phone, and now the slate. I have been using it since about last December, and never had a problem. The Dropbox app would not play nice on the slate.BTW, I'm using Slatedroid 1.2.Dan
I got it working now. Seems like the problem was a bad/slow internet connection.
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