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Can anyone point me in the right direction

I Flashed with Tsunami v1.8 today and everything seemed
fine and no issues.
I went to the market and down loaded a APK all went fine.
I went back to the mark and started to download another app
and recieved the message below.

"The Application Market ( has stopped unexpectedly".

Force close / Report

After a little googling
I went to the app manager and uninstalled updates for the MARKET app
I was able to get back on the market and download an app

When I tried to go back to the Market I got the same error again.
It only comes when you get ready to pick an app
It will let you get to the market search for apps and everything, when you pick the app you want
that is when the error and the force close happen.

I have tried clearing the Cache for the market and Framework Data
and rebooting, that does not work (from the enable full market thread)

I also tried to manually install the latest Market APK (did not work)

The one thing that works "one time" is the Uninstall updates.
then down load app and repeat.

Any knowledge that you can share would be great
I have been using the stock dropad for almost a year
and never had a problem. The only reason I updated was
to take advantage of the Netflix, which works great now.

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Merry xmas to you. Ive encountered the exact same problem and ive posted for help on the forum where i downloaded tsunami from. Its a wierd one. I read also from googling that this is china dropad and tsunami is regionally set to us so wondered as im in uk if it was that so i went to language setting and changed it. Didnt work though. ....... sorry i dont have the answer but it was working ok on stock rom. But it wasnt the full market. I didnt find a step by step guide to rooting it so i just flashed pre rooted rom i.e tsunami 1.8. Then niticed the market problem yesterday before wrapping it.
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