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Download available on Augen SITE. Not UPDATED FIRMWARE.

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There is a download now available. For SD card and USB drivers. I havent downloaded it yet.
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It's the drivers for the tablet to be able to be seen and accessed VIA USB. But the drivers are for 32-bit OS. They didn't bother to post a 64-bit version. So for anyone using Windows XP/Vista/7 64-bit, the drivers will not work.
Well the "patch" looks only like a .exe for a windows computer.What is a linux user supposed to do?The document shows being able to mount the media on the device -- no go before and as you can not mount nor access the android marketplace you can not update.If I am missing something let me know but this is not a fix. I want to like and want to use this device.What other options are available? gpad g10? malata? asusAny suggestions/feedback? Initially the thought was at ~$160 this was a great solution for a particular need. It can surf and get email. Tip of the hat to all that had a hand in bringing this to market.Now how to make it available to enhance?
so more reading in other locations and some indications that this is not the patch. The file posted was just for windows (32-bit) computers. Still outstanding: how to load a patch if you can not mount the device? xfer onto the microSD? any feedback?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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