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Were these links useful to anyone who doesn't want to install market?Anyone have additional links to contribute?Does anyone want additional links if I find them?Comments appreciated.

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VERY Useful. Despite the amazing efforts around here, unless you have computer hardware running Intel's 86 chip (anyone with a Mac more than 5 years old) you can't do the hacks. That means even Clockwork's Not Ugly Market Hack still isn't an option. BUT, when Roebeet posted a way to install apk's using the browser, this thread was the first place I went. Right now, I'm busy scanning/dl'ing apps that I intend to try out, pre and post FW upgrade, and report back what works. Seriously, thanks for this.

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I think you need to install the AppBrain app from their site. Should be able to through your web browser. Dunno 'bout Tapp, but I'd guess that's similar. No doubt you need to register 1st.

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iplaythisgame said:
AppBrain works through the regular market. It only links to the files(and downloads them automatically) in the google market. So it won't work unless your regular market does.
Good to know. Now I won't bother until/unless I install market access. Thanks

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I tested all the OP links and found that all but AppBrain actually had downloadable .apks. Most have rather large repositories (with exception of curvefish). Very usefull information, thanks phd.

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I apologize if this isn't the correct spot for this question, but I'm wondering about compatibility. Will any Adroid app work with the PDN (which is running 2.1, I believe), or do I have to somehow confirm that a particular app will run on 2.1?

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Good question Jazzman. I've just been hunting and trying stuff, hit and miss. I have been keeping a list of what works and what doesn't, but it's a work in progress so far as I'm finding newer versions of some apps and slowly getting around to trying them. In another week to 10 days I hope to have something post/wiki worthy. Which brings me to my latest find, something so easy I completely overlooked it ... SOFTPEDIA! They have a whole handheld section filled with up to date versions of all the free/shareware apks out there plus some demo/crackable stuff. All downloadable to your PC or (I assume but haven't tried) through your PDN browser. They have a mobile section too that I haven't had a chance to explore, but but looks like it's more specific to what kind of phone you have and doesn't break things down by categories like the handheld section.Oh, and you can filter your searches by OS too, which should cut out the Windows CE and iPad junk.

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File ReviewPac - Man from:Android Freeware Best and Free Software for Android mobile platformThe game would only load in portrait mode, would not size to the screen, the "SWIPE" joystick would not move, and trying the motion as the controller also did not work for me
Must be hardwired for a phones "D" pad?:David

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huh,i got the same PACMAN and it work for me (the only game i download and try out)yes portrait mode only. does not resize. joystick control is not responsive but does work.i give a thumb down cause of the control

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Stuff I've downloaded from the sites listed:
I'll list good, NG, and non-full screen for people's reference.

The Good:

aldiko.apk - ok
Amtalee_1.0.9.apk - ok
AndSudoku!v1.0.2.apk - ok
Appack_0.7.apk - ok
ASTRO2.5.2.apk - ok
audiowidget-v210.apk - ok
Battery_Widget_1.6.6.apk - ok
BatteryLife_v1.3.2.apk - ok
Bebbled_2.14.apk - ok
Bimaru.apk - ok
BlockedTrafficFree1.5.apk - ok
BlockPushLite.apk - ok
BrightnessLevel_v1.0.0.apk - ok
Checkers2.3.2.apk - ok
Chess2.2.2.apk - ok
connect4.apk - ok
dolphin_browser.apk - ok
DotsandBoxes.apk - ok
DropletsFree.apk - ok
GemMiner1.1.apk - ok
Google_Sky_Map_1.5.2.apk - ok - crashes intermittently
Guitar_Solo_Lite_1.19.apk - ok
Jewels1.19.apk - ok
Jumble.apk - ok
LightUp1.06.apk - ok
MathTestv1.0.apk - ok
MemoGamev2.7.5.apk - ok
Memory.apk - ok
Opera_Mini_5_beta.apk - ok - need to use back button repeatedly to exit
PairUpPro_v5.4.apk - ok
pandahome_v1.90.apk - ok - screen goes black with left and upside-down tilt
Reversi2.3.1.apk - ok
ShisenPro.apk - ok
Simon_Tathams_Puzzles_8853.4.apk - ok
SimpleDiceRollerv1.0.apk - ok
Sudoku.apk - ok
SudokuFree8.1.5.apk - ok
TicTacToe1.2.apk - ok
wifi_analyzer.apk - ok
WiFinder1.5.apk - ok
WiFiOnOff_v2.0.0.apk - ok
WixelLite.apk - ok
WordSearch1.8.6.apk - ok
WordUp1.2.4.apk - ok
WordWrenchFull.apk - ok
YouTube.apk - ok
Yz_Free_1.4.2.apk - ok
blockx_3d.apk - ok
Dice.teazel.apk - ok
finditdisney.apk - ok
glowpuzzle.apk - ok
paint1.5.4.apk - ok
PhitDroid.apk - ok
TikiTowersv1.0.apk - ok
TowerBloxx_1.0.4.apk - ok
worddrop.apk - ok
BarControl(1.1.0).apk - ok
SmartBar2.0.8.apk - ok
SoftHome0.1.apk - ok
TrafficRush_1.3.apk - ok
Bubble_Popper.apk - ok
connectoo.v1.4.0.apk - ok
Gridzv2.0.apk - ok
kmagic.solitaire.apk - ok
mahjong.apk - ok
simonclassic.apk - ok
amazingsubmaring1.0.apk - ok
AstrawareSolitaire.apk - ok
AtholAdventureV1.0.apk - ok
BitBlocksv1.86.apk - ok
BubbleWrapv1.4.apk - ok
DogWhistleLite1.3.apk - ok
LeonardFrogV3.5.apk - ok
NetWalk.apk - ok
Netwalkv2.0.apk - ok
PlayCurlingV1.0.apk - ok
Push Genius AKA Galaxyodyssey.apk - ok
RingzV2.0.apk - ok
ScrambledNet-5.0.apk - ok
Slicev1.01.apk - ok

The Bad:

CubicManDeluxe - any version - crashes after level completion frequently so level is not saved
labyrinth.lite.apk - ng needs tilt
MagneticSportsSoccer_v1.3.apk - NG crashes
nintaii_1.0.2.apk - ng crash
nintaii_ver1.0.12.apk - ng crash
PuzzleBloxArcade.apk - ng
tossit_1.6.3.apk - ng
traffic_jam.apk - ng cars wrong size
VexedDeluxev1.18.apk - ng
wordsearch.apk - ng
DeviceInfo.apk - ng crash
tetris.apk - used to work - NG crashes
FuzziesV2.0.0.apk - ng doesnt start
jumpyball3Dv1.1.2.apk - ng needs tilt
MechanicsTouchV1.0.0.apk - ng cant exit
PuzzleBloxV2.0.5.apk - ng needs tilt
SimcityMetropolis.apk - ng pain to control
SlugsV1.1.30.apk - ng needs tilt
TextTwistTurbo.apk - ng cant exit
yobrainparty1.06.apk - ng needs online data
FingerBowlingv1.4.apk - ng no certificate

The Ugly (reduced screen app):

bejeweled.apk - 1/4 screen
FingerPaint1.1.apk - 1/4 screen canvas
LineUp_1.0.6[1].apk - 1/4 screen
pinball.free_1.1.10.apk - 1/4 screen - a little sluggish
PokeAMole.apk - 1/4 screen
Puzzle15Game.apk - 1/4 screen
RushHour1.0.apk - 1/4 screen. - no way to exit app - have to power off or reset PDN
Scrabble.apk - 1/4 screen
Colorixv1.1.0.apk - 1/4 screen
SolitaireDeluxeLite.apk - 1/4 screen
UNOv3.1.2.apk - 1/4 screen
pachee_gold_2.8.apk - 1/4 screen
torectfree.apk - 1/4 screen
BobbysBlocksV1.0.apk - 1/4 screen
ParkingBreakV2.2.1.apk - 1/4 screen - some graphics offset to right
SmartTacToe.apk - 1/4 screen
FindDifferencesv1.1.0.apk - 1/4 screen
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