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does it talk?

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OK this is the most fun since I built my first computer. So far have no issues to speak of.But now that we have created the World's Largest Android Phone can we load Skype or any other VOIP on it to make it talk?Never blogged before I hope someone gets this
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There is no mic in the Novel. So while you might be able to hear someone they will not hear you.
I posted a simple solution yesterday, nobody reads:"To oneglory: Could you please look for the Audio Codec chip, what is it? Couldn't see much of markings on your photographs, sorry.If it's AK4671EG-L (as in Spica), or close analog, then mic1 can be soldered to its A2 point, mic2 to its A3 for stereo/noise cancellation, mic3 and mic4 are for a mic with additional noise reduction. Drill a pinhole over our reset pinhole -- or just glue it close to reset switch -- and hello, GoogleVoice+GoogleCall. (Or Skype -- though I doubt anybody would need that money sucker since yesterday)If it's not the AK audio codex series, other makes & mnfrers have their own pin maps.Thank you."Couldn't find Droid X's noise cancelling triple mic's mark and model though, to look at parts, but in any case it won't be more expensive than like $20.Another, and even simpler solution would be turning our USB outlet into a sorts of HUB(/ODG? I didn't research that far) and connect external mic, Web cam, and kitchen sink (or sync? hehe)Before the advent of Tegra 2 based 10" 1080p capable tablets (Google/Verizon/Motorola(?) model on 26th November, or NI Adam on (never in 2010), MSI, Viewsonic, Samsung, who else?), yes, making a monster superduper phone out of PDN is lots of fun. All one needs is a keen hardware hacker here and/or at xda developers.
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Well, since it is simple let me know how it goes after you have modded yours.
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well, soldering a mic is simple, grafting a mic driver, vocoder code out of Spica/Moment repo's into our 2.1/2.2 trees might be a tidbit different task. However, before soldering anything (and breaking back cover completely) an attempt to ad a USB mic (usually goes with headphones) should be made, as a proof of a principle.
so get to work.
Hey, is this done yet? I'm avail for testing!
Audio chipSSM2602 19, three res, 2 caps. Pins are accessable, but will be slightly challenging to solder for the novice. Small pkg size. I am just putting together a digikey order... will toss in a couple mic's and rework mine. Once that is done, I can offer to rework one of the s/w dev peoples units (con-usa) anyone in MA/NH ??? Probably be 2-3 weeks, what with labor day etc...The s/w... well I would defer to hatax, clockworx etc...aludal - posting in the guts picture thread is probably not the best place to get info about the chip.
I'm busy with PDN/Android fonts research at Trying to have a grip on SKIA, plus lots of stuff new to me. Ask me something about anti-aliasing, hinting, kerning. Forbidden MS TrueType instructions, und so weiter, and I might recall something from my stint with Linux fonters at SVLUG of 2002-2004. Or maybe not. Now, last time I held the soldering iron was >30 years ago. So if some esteemed HW modder here will report that mic is nogo with that particular PDN flavour of AudioCodec chip, I'll just move on. Though I remember I started my presence here from suggestions to OC this toy to 1000 MHz, and lo and behold, they run their Spicas at 1066 MHz at Samdroid as we speak.
oh talked too soon. Thank you, HWgeek. His Excellency Our Mod will most probably move this discussion to its right place, right?So, HWgeek, are you saying it's doable? like with noise/echo cancellation (it's like two extra mics)? I'm sure this mod will require some sound insulation around speakers also.Sweeeet... sigh, I'm in California though. However, if you decide publish photos and schematics of your mod, I'm sure I will find someone here with good skills.Please also, don't put the cover on your mic-modded PDN just yet, as "USB host mod" and "Web cam" mods might need some tinkering. (Just kidding: maybe you're not interested in video calls, who knows?)
Remember what Carnivore was doing with the M001. It may be possible, I just think the old guard is a little miffed at you proposing someone else do it... At any rate, keep us posted.
How easy would it be to replace the Headphone connector with a 4 contact, stereo headset one? I would almost rather do that then mount an internal mic.
might be easier to go this way, sure. Especially after many reports that stock connecor is very sloppy job anyway. Though I hope HWgeek will choose to do his mod both ways" internal (3) mics, plus better connector switching these mics (and speakers) off in the presense of head gear.
I'd rather just have you realize how stupid you would look holding the novel up to your head?
derelicte;45209 said:
do you realize how AWESOME you would look holding the novel up to your head?
Fixed that for you
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thanks. I though I had a typo in my post. :Di'm putting my money where my mouth is. as soon as I can get the top cover off my novel I'm splicing a usb bt adapter in. how the heck do you get that %@#&! cover off?
mics are much more sensitive than that. Remember, without head gear connected, we are in a loud speaker mode. In Google Voice I talk from my ThinkPad T41 at 10-12 feet distance from it to another T41 of my lady (and from today -- to her BlackBerry, too.)Though yes, with a different Ralink miniPCIe card (having also BT transceiver) it should be doable. Or when we will have a USB host, sort of, then with a BT dongle.I'm also of an opinion that stupid is not HOW one speaks, stupid is WHAT one speaks, lol. Imagine you can whisper into your PDN to turn the page of the book you're reading, or go to Slatedroid site. It's just cool, even if you hold your PDN too close to your head at that.
[quote name='aludal;45257]I'm also of an opinion that stupid is not HOW one speaks' date=' stupid is WHAT one speaks, lol.[/QUOTE'] fair enough. let me rephrase that:do you realize how dorky you would look holding the novel up to your head?is that better?
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derelicte;45666 said:
fair enough. let me rephrase that:do you realize how dorky you would look holding the novel up to your head?is that better?
....specially if he dresses like Urkel!
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