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First, I would be willing to stick my neck out that the majority of folks reading threads (not just posters, ALL) do not know the basic language...e.g. ROOT/ROOTING, etc. Can we use this thread to explain why, what, who, when, how? I'm in the medical profession, and also an aviator. I can discuss with you what ACLS, TUSM, SRPD, COPD, RVSM, etc are..but just reading it is useless if you do not know what it's for, or, what they are. So, if you are knowledgeable, please take the time.Note: 1. Be considerate with the other threads, too. Discuss what is relevant to that specific topic only.2. If you have issues, explain as best in detail so the knowledgeable party can explain what could be wrong.3. We all want to have the best device and software for our money and make it work perfectly. We can only get there together collectively as a group. I'm sure somewhere and someone already found the remedy. So, if that's you, share it.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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