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Do not you have firmware of "EX900"?

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Do not you have firmware of "EX900"? I do not understand where there is it at all. . . .EX900 - 7.0 inch Touch Sreen Android1.7 Tablet PCHere is the same thing. The firmware of "EKEN" enters. However, touch panel does not change. I have another one of them. But I do not understand it where there is a driver even if I watch a file. Help it. . . .
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same problem man and the supplier (indotechno) is no help
use the one in theis post after you have updated it,plug in usb mouse and then recalibrate touch screen.
I have use the same spec with you ================================================EX900 - 7.0 inch Touch Sreen Android 1.6 (Build 1.7.4) Tablet PC1 CPU :WonderMedia Tech In WM8505 300M/450MHz ARM92 Display: Using Highlight Screen Technology 7 inches WSVGA LED 16:9 Resolution : 800 x 4803 RAM :128M DDR24 ROM Flash :2GB NAND-Flash5 Wifi: 802.11b/g/n6 3G :N/A7 I/O Ports : 1 pcs* USB 2.0 ( Standard USB port) 1 pcs * - SD card reader 1 pcs* 3.5mm stereophone ;1pcs* microphone 1 pcs* DC power input jack 2 pcs* 8Ω/1W speaker stereo 8 Keys: TOP : Power On / Off9 Dimension :98 mm x118 mm x 15 mm10 Weight :1.0kg(with package)11 O.S :Google Android 1.6 (Build 1.7.4), Support 69 languages12 Adaptor: AC100-240V.50-60HZ DC9V 1A13 Battery: Lithium polymer batteries with 7.4V 1300mA/h14 Working time: with Wifi working time: 2Hstandby time :3H=============================================I have upgrade system by use this rom -- EPAD128.1.988.3k.7z [ Sorry I could not post link, You can search "[ROM] EPAD 256M and 128M 1.9_88 rooted v0.3 WORKING MARKET FROM FLASH" in this website. ]"after you have updated it, plug in usb mouse and then recalibrate touch screen." (credit: Lonegunman)Everything almost OK Wifi, Touch screen, Menu button, Settings, Youtube and Market are work very well. The only problem that I have found is Speaker no sound (Earphone can use normally)But don't worry you can fix the problem by use this methodFix Speaker no soundSteps to follow:1. Run ConnectBot2. Connect: choose local (enter)3. Type: su (enter) *** This will change cursor from $ to # (change from user to super user or admin)4. Type: setenv pcmvolum puzhi (enter)5. Type: exit (enter)6. Type: exit (enter)7. Reboot PAD Hope this can help you and anyone who use EX900 SERIES 7" Chinese 's Tablet Big Thank to my friend 9AuM (scriptdd dot com)Especially Thank to Dr.HidePerso and Slatedroid for this nice ROM================================================- Memory size - 128Mb- Model number - EKEN 128M- Firmware Version - 1.9.88.v03- Kernel version - 2.6.29-00236-g4f8dbbb-dirty- Build 1.9_88i================================================
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has anyone tried jakkrith method on the e900? and did it work? also do you think it will work on the e900 windows ce with gps because i would like to change over to android or get a better windows ce firmware
I have already upload ROM "xFlytouch 1.9_88 v0.4a For EX900 SERIES 128MB" on this thread: can try it.
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i tried it but it didnt work on the windows ce pad i wish it did. did you us a sd or thumb drive? i did sd trying the thumb now
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