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Do not flash!!!!!

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OK people I know everyone wants a great apad but if you look around and read these things are dropping like flys after flashing. Really my came with everything it needed and ran great no flash needed.I understand some people the flashing works great and all is good but the truth is 7 out of 10will crash because of the flashing just read all the post. So beware and take care of your slatedroid and it will take care of you.:cool:
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No it wont.I flashed mine over 20 timesIf you flash it, you have to make sure you are doing it from a stable USB port on your computer and have a stable power source.
I am sure you only mean the best with this warning, but to make up numbers like 7 out of 10 without being able to present valid data that proves those numbers, there is no need to panic. I do agree that the aPad runs very well out-of-the-box (I am still using it like that), and I think I would only try to flash if I run into a serious problem that a factory reset in the settings can't fix (or when we get 1.6+ - because there are just too many good apps these days for Donut and upwards).A poll to gather some concrete data is here.
gevrik;13078]I am sure you only mean the best with this warning said:
is here[/url].
I am not panicing at all its just the facts. Really a poll ..... all you have to do is go down the post the data is there. If I take poll its 3 out of 1 already.
Yeah it is always like that. The people who have problems come to the forum to ask for help. Those that flash successfully mostly do not have a reason to go post that they were successful. Let's see how the poll goes - it will run for 7 days (and I just wanted to make a poll, they are fun!).
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Most people have trouble getting to run the flash programm on their host machines. Th flash programms are actually very well writen And I doubt anyone will be able to brick their apad with them. Sent from my Apad-iRobot using Tapatalk
thank god for guys like rogerbraun ... far better performance than out of the box ...
A lot of people also get excited and do dumb things. Don't flash unplugged with a low (or new, uncharged) battery. Don't play with it while it's flashing. Don't touch the button(s) while it's flashing. Don't do anything because it's taking too long. It looks like comparatively few people are actually doing anything to their devices when flashing. Still, you take a risk anytime you modify the device. They are INTENDED to be updated by flashing.
Common sense is what is needed.Don't mess with a product if you can't afford to lose it. (If it's running your pacemaker it's probably best you leave it alone...)Make sure you have everything you need for the job before you start it.Read the instructions. (I know most of us men don't understand that concept)Follow the instructions. (See above)
Hehe.......Sorry but just had to laugh at this thread........As has been noted time and again, there is NO way to gain an accurate read of how many people have upgraded and NOT had any issues.....Just as there is NO way to determine how many have upgraded and HAD issues. Basing a thread on post counting is going to give you some pretty erroneous data that cannot be substantiated......Even including data from a poll :rolleyes:It has been said many times in this forum and on other forums that you mess with a working system AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!!! However, IF you want to do it, follow these guidelines; - read the threads, - re-read the threads, - stare at the page that makes about as much sense as an oober sexy model chick going out with an ugly trog-hopper, - then ask the dumb questions, DONT be put off by the snooty riposte's from the "Not this question again!" or "WE HAVE A SEARCH FUNCTION!" brigade. We're not all like that and some of us will help you out, just try and phrase your questions so that it doesnt sound like "HOW DO I DO THIS?"And after all that throw your hands up in the air and proclaim that, you may well be a geneticist or a physicist or an altogether (in a normal existence) brainy type of person in the real world, this just doenst make much in the way of sense to ya!! Then you come back on and ask another dumb question........A lot of us on here are pretty experienced in doing these sort of things and sometimes even we cant make head nor tails of some of this stuff until it is explained in the correct way, so DONT feel put off
Have fun.......and please "DONT FEED THE NOOBS!" they are hyper enough as it is.
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