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Device revisions, Wifi and how to improve reception

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So my internet was down last night and since I was bored I took apart my m001. After taking apart my unit I noticed two things: - My battery pack fills the entire case, there is no real option of upgrading the battery in my unit. Also, my batteries are silver wrapped in blue foil and looks way higher quality then when I saw in the pictures here. - My Wifi usb receiver is NOT soldered to the motherboard, but instead has 4 wires to the wifi board tugged under the motherboard by the speaker. I want to mention that my Wifi reception is pretty good and my battery run time is around 3+ hours with Wifi. I am wondering if my unit may be a different revision - either older or newer. Note that my Wifi module is located in the green area and not the red like in the picture in the teardown section.
This clearly explains why my reception is better - the display has a metal sheet on the back and in the red location, the Wifi module is directly up against the display, vs. the green location behind the PCB where the speaker is. I have no idea if this is an intentional improved revision or if this "improvement" was an unintended result of non-fitting Wifi modules in the first production run. Regardless, this seems to be the solution to the poor Wifi reception - unsolder and move the Wifi usb module. In this video, the unit also has the wifi module under the PCB by the speaker. hope that this will help some people improve their reception.
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