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Hello. I've succesfully installed IceWM on Debian. But can't upload the image with because the size of this about 900 mb in archive.
But there's instructions how to make it

1. Install Debian
2. Configure wi-fi
3. In console:
apt-get update
It will update your repositories.
3.Install IceWM
apt-get install icewm
4. Install the "xvkbd" - virtual keyboard. Matchbox's keyboard looks too small in IceWM
5. Open /root/.xinitrc (i've done it on desktop computer with ubuntu but you may do it with built-in LeafPad)

Comment 3 lines and add lines with icewm like here:
#matchbox-window-manager -theme MBOpus &
icewmbg &
And save the file.

6. Reboot and enjoy


All ok but I would like to have virtual keyboard in a panel.
Here's instruction:

1. Open /etc/x11/icewm/toolbar
If you have no files in this icewm directory just copy this from /usr/share/icewm/
I recommend you copy toolbar, menu, preferences, programs
2. Add the line:
prog "Keyboard" /usr/share/pixmaps/matchbox-keyboard.png xvkbd
3. Save, reboot icewm and enjoy.

All ok but I would like have menu with Wi-Fi Config, Shutdown, Reboot.
No problems

1. Open /etc/x11/menu
If you have no files in this icewm directory just copy this from /usr/share/icewm/
2. Find the line:
menu System folder {
3. Add the lines like here:
menu System folder {
prog "Wi-fi Config" wificonfig xterm /usr/sbin/wificonfig
prog Reboot reboot reboot
prog Shutdown poweroff poweroff

prog "Control Panel" redhat control-panel
prog xload xload xload
Save, reboot icewm and enjoy

Xvkbd repeats keys all time.
1. Run xvkbd
2. Touch the caption xvkbd in left bottom corner and click to "Property"
3. Automatic click -> OFF

Hardware buttons don't work.
Read this:

P.S. Background may be configured in /etc/x1/icewm/preferences
P.P.S. I recommend you install the Thunar as file-manager and Google Chromium (chromium-browser in repository)
P.P.P.S. Any quiestions? Ask me
. Есть вопросы - задавайте

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I have tested few programs on IceWM. Here's the result:

Arora - slowly
Midori - medium speed
Chromium (chromium-browser in repository) - medium speed
Lynx - the fastest, but it's a text browser

Openoffice3 ( in repository) - loads slowly, works slowly, but works!

Icedove Mail (icedove) - loads slowly, works slowly, doesn't save the account settings
Pidgin - works fine

Midnight Commander (mc) - works fine
PCManFM - works fine, but littlebit simple
Thunar - works fine, my choice

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Hi R13, another silly question.

How can i save my xvkbd preferences?
I'll give you an example: i set italian layout, no keypad and no special function, but i am not
able to find any "save config" option.
Every time i open xvkbd it comes up with default settings.

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There's no flash (for youtube) on "Debian ARM" I think.
About xvkbd.... Hm.... If you want to change to italian layout as default you need change the line "#include "XVkbd-common" in file "/etc/X11/app-defaults/XVkbd" to:
#include "XVkbd-italian"
And in xvkbd propery enable "Lock AltGr"

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Thanks, i'll give it a try this evening.

But... why are you suggesting me to enable "Lock AltGR" ?

Do you know how to set xvkbd in order to comes up by default without keypad and function buttons?
They just take too much space on screen...

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