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Dealextreme has the apad!

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Yes you heard right: someone find it anywhere cheaper so we could make a price match??
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Shiiiiiiiiiiiit!! Hope its the proper aPad and someone does the price match! Now Imma got get it!
It looks like there is some healthy skepticism as to whether this is a:- Moonse pad with a Rockchip + DSP or - EKEN M002 (or something similar)If someone makes the purchase please be sure to report back. I am going to have to wait to pull the trigger till i know for sure.Some points in its favor: they state Android 1.5 is loaded, processor type states "DSP", microSD card slotStrikes against it: price seems too good to be true, does not state Rockchip in the processor type, past experience shows descriptions are not always accurate.
prox32;4465 said:
Lol over clocking never produces expected results IMO, but no I have not tested and also I am pretty sure that it states 1.2ghz as a result of the 1ghz CPU and 200mhz GPU. Stay tuned for Evolution 1.3, coming soon!
Can't wait

Apex launcher now have got a pro version on the market and it is only £2.49. Great price for the extra features that you get and runs nice with the latest Evolution Rom. I see that the latest Moage Rom looks like it uses Go launcher Hd as the launcher, which to be honest it not that good and leaves you with a none Ics tablet experience. I tried it a few times and did not like it
. Apex does not deviate from the nice Ics features, it just adds a ton of features to it.

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